Harley Davidson Diagnostic and Tuning

We offer the following services for your Harley Davidson and Victory Motorcycles 
  • Stage one and two Flash tunes available for $449
  • Re-flash a Blank ECU
  • Program a VIN
  • Program a Key Fob
  • Speedometer Calibration
  • Radio & Speaker Calibration
  • ABS Bleeding & Solenoid Testing
  • Read & Clear DTCs
  • Reset Air Fuel Value
  • Adjust Idle RPM
  • Active Tests (Tachometer, Speedometer, Fuel Pump, Idle RPM, System Relay, Cooling Fan, Alarm, IAC, ACR Compression, Injector Coils, Coolant Pump, Left & Right Turn Signals)
  • LED Indicators (6th Gear, ABS Service, Battery, Check Engine, Cruise Control, High Beam, Low Fuel, Neutral, Oil, Security, Coolant Temp.)
  • View Real-time data in Strip Chart or Digital Dashboard Format