Customer Service Guarantee

Motorcycles & Service

This guarantee covers all workmanship on motorized vehicles offered for sale at Calgary Cycle City. It does not apply to apparel and accessories, which are covered by our Apparel & Accessories Warranty or Return & Exchange Policy.

Calgary Cycle City (CCC) stands by our products and services, but try as we may, we understand not every bike is going to be perfect and run perfectly smooth 100% of the time. Simply put, something isn’t right with your new motorcycle, contact our customer satisfaction team and we will work to make it right to the best of our abilities. At the end of the day, we want you to have a bike you can ride and enjoy.

Customer Service Guarantee Limitations

  • We can only guarantee our own services and workmanship; any manufacturing defect of parts or mechanical components is out of our control. That said, if there is a defect in the materials or manufacturing of a new mechanical component on your bike, we may be able to assist you in filing a warranty claim from the manufacturer if possible.
  • Because of the highly seasonal nature of motorcycles in the Calgary area, our customer service guarantee is valid for a period of thirty (30) days from the original date of purchase, when purchased in-store or directly from our website,
  • Any resolutions from our customer satisfaction team require an in-person inspection and/or test drive of the item in question. We apologize for any inconvenience if this cannot be arranged.

How to Reach Us

If you need to get in touch with our customer satisfaction team, please e-mail us to get started:

  • Use the email form on our contact page
  • Subject: Customer Satisfaction
  • Please include a description of the issue you are experiencing and if possible, pictures of the item/issue, a picture or scanned copy of the original proof of purchase (receipt/invoice), and your full name, address, and phone number
  • General inquiries, questions, and feedback are also welcome 

Once your information has been received and reviewed, we will contact you to discuss your concerns and if a resolution is required, arrange for an in-person inspection of your bike.