High Performance Motorcycle Parts by Calgary Cycle City

Get the custom motorcycle high performance parts you need. Calgary Cycle City has motorcycle exhaust, engine and performance kits to enhance your motorcycle. Contact us now.

Motorcycle Performance Parts

Motorcycle High Performance

Calgary Cycle City knows how to take your driving to the next level with high performance motorcycle parts and custom motorcycle accessories. If you’re a rider in Calgary, you know you need to make the most out of the short season. We can help you do just that with high performance motorcycle parts and equipment skilfully installed by our expert team. Whether you ride on a touring bike, cruising bike, or a sport bike, our selection of motorcycle performance parts include air & fuel intake, camshaft, tuner, and motorcycle exhaust systems that will make your ride purr like never before.

Motorcycle Exhaust Systems

If you’re a more experienced rider, you may want to consider different motorcycle exhaust systems to lower the intensity of your engine’s rumble. The muffler will also keep your exhaust pipe cool, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your feet when shifting. The right exhaust for your motorcycle will allow for more speed and a smoother ride that expels much less carbon monoxide then the average bike.

Air Intake & Fuel Systems

Enhance your motorcycle’s performance and power with an upgraded air intake and fuel system. Another perk to getting this installed is it makes your motorcycle’s performance more fuel-efficient. So, you end up saving money on gas in the long run, especially if your bike is a main method of transportation.

High-Performance Tuners

Calgary Cycle City ensures your motorcycle runs at high performance, regardless of the engine’s age. This is done with high performance motorcycle tuners. This improves the bike’s power, acceleration and increases the torque—allowing your motorcycle to hold and control much more weight than normal, even on turns and when changing gears. It can even reduce your gas intake and emissions.

Performance Camshafts

This is the key to utilizing your engine to its full capacity. Although your current camshaft maybe all right, experts know it can be optimized much more efficiently. The shape and smooth rotation of this motorcycle performance part allows for the motor to run more efficiency during the combustion process. In basic terms, the intake and exhaust rotate and overlap in a manner that monitors and supports the power band and RPM. This maximizes your bike’s ability to accelerate, decelerate, and turn more efficiently.

Big Bore Kits

If you’re looking for an immediate boost of power, you may want to consider a big bore kit. These motorcycle performance parts will replace the stock piston and cylinder bore to increase combustion flow and torque. The best part is: they are reliable, easy to assemble, and simple to install.

Contact our team of motorcycle high performance experts for details on how you can level up your bike today.