The Calgary Motorcycle Shop for Everyone.

Whether you’re new to riding, have been into it for decades, or just dig motorcycle culture, everyone can feel welcome at CCC. We cater to pretty much anyone—we service all makes of motorcycles, dirt bikes, even scooters, ATVs, and roadsters. We also don’t ignore customers with smaller budgets. We take the time to talk to everyone who comes in, and if they’re interested in learning more about motorcycles, we’re happy to offer up our expertise to educate them on different aspects of riding and find the bike that is truly best for them. Customers that may have been ignored at bigger dealerships or motorbike shops in Calgary can feel comfortable and appreciated at CCC, and confident they will have a completely different experience here.

Calgary Cycle City - Unlike Other Motorbike Shops in Calgary

When you walk into CCC, it’s obvious we’re not your typical motorbike shop. In fact, we’re not like any other Calgary motorcycle shop you may have visited before – large or small. That’s because we’re not bound by any restrictions of brand, type or style of bike. We don’t just sell one brand like pretty much all dealerships, and we don’t just cater to one style of riding like most of the smaller boutiques. We don’t even have a bias as to which one we like best – we ride them all and feel each has their own advantages and purpose, depending on the goal of the ride or comfort level of the rider. We have a huge inventory that is the largest among used Calgary motorcycle shops – so if are looking for a different kind of motorbike in Calgary… or just like the feel of the open air – chances are pretty good we’ve got something you’ll love.