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Entrepreneur, amateur Marine Biologist, Padre and Lead Dog; Brent has many titles at CCC. As a youngster, Brent quickly fell in with the wrong crowd and began living the life of a motorcyclist, secretly spending all his time and money on bikes. Brent was on the path to trouble and he knew it. Brent’s only option was to legitimize his passion, going public with his motorcycle obsession. Brent hopes to break the “Biker” stigma and educate the Calgary Community about motorcycles, and why they can, when used properly, bring great happiness. Brent believes that if motorcycles can’t make you happy, you are using them wrong. He can help.

For years, Padre Brent’s “Furnace Room Confessions™” have provided a valuable outlet for many individuals struggling with the motorcyclist mindset. Brent always welcomes and encourages motorcyclists to come into CCC and talk through any motorcycle issues they might be having. Brent shares your joy and feels your pain. 

Some would say that Brent’s sensitive and understanding side is directly related to his deep love of dolphins. It isn’t a coincidence that his one true land love, his wife Daphne, is spelled eerily similar to dolphin, sharing many of the same letters in her name with the majestic sea creature. “If a dolphin was human….. it would be Brent…”, believes Nick Contos, CCC’s Head Mechanic, “…everyone knows the dolphin is Brent’s spirit animal”.

Brent’s goal is to get everyone on two wheels and make sure people die with memories, not dreamsBrent knows that his obsession with dolphins and Dynas’ (all motorcycles really) will one day ruin his life, but for now it makes him a hell of an owner and bike builder.

Photo by the talented Mr. Dael Wasylenka

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